Sintel Forms / Sintel Forms vs InfoPath

We have prepared the following table to assist you in evaluating Sintel Forms against InfoPath or other forms solutions for SharePoint.


Note: This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

 InfopathSintel Forms
Forms Design
Design Environment

Stand-alone application which requires a separate license.

Browser based designer integrated into the SharePoint Ribbon.
SharePoint Versions Supported
Enterprise Only.

All Office 365 plans that include SharePoint are supported.

Skillset Required
End users don't stand much of a chance. Power users can configure basic forms. Expensive InfoPath consultants are required for more complex forms containing complex layouts or logic

If you can use SharePoint you can use Sintel Forms.
Form Versioning
Manual and cumbersome.

Enabled by default and stored in a SharePoint list permitting easy retrieval and restoring.
Build Time
Can be time consuming depending on the layout and logic required.

Most forms can be configured in a matter of minutes (depending on complexity).
Form Layout..
Fields and Sections
Both available.

Additional functionality:
States (Inherit, Optional, Mandatory, Read only)
Label positioning
Difficult to apply.

Additional functionality:
Custom HTML
Read/write/read only using rules.

Read/write/read only using rules.
Repeating Sections
Very limited support. All data merged and stored in a single field. Very difficult to report on.

Data stored as individual items in related lists, very easy to report on.
Cascading dropdowns and settings field values
Cascading in Form libraries only and setting fields is achievable but cumbersome.

Easily achieved using logic rules.
Add Attachments
Yes in library forms but attachments are stored within the form.

Yes and attachments are added to the list item making reporting easier.
Preview Attachments

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Social Features..
Conversations and @mentions

Email Notifications
Not without customisation or separate workflow.

Email notifications are built in and can be configured to include the form data.
Form Actions..
Assignment of Actions

Actions can be assigned to individuals or groups and emails can be configured to include the form data.
Export to PDF
Limited, not available in SharePoint List Forms.

Forms can be exported to PDF in both Portrait and Landscape mode.