Sintel Forms / Features

Customisable Layouts

Designed using the Office UI Fabric with many different layout options available.

Cloud Based

Runs in the cloud and installs on top of Office 365, all data remains in your SharePoint environment.

Export/Import Option

Export your form configuration and import it onto another environment, perfect for testing and deployment.

PDF Export

You can download completed forms as PDF files or print them in portrait or landscape.

Image annotations

Draw, add text or shapes and even drop pins on images or photos attached to or embedded within forms.

Simple Setup

No IT or technical experience required, if you can use SharePoint you can use Sintel Forms.

Built-in Workflow

No additional tools required to build real world workflows including requiring comments for approvals.

Unlimited Forms

With the Enterprise version you get unlimited forms for unlimited users. Use as many forms as you need.

Standard Security

Uses standard SharePoint groups to control access to forms, data and configuration.

Inline attachments

Add multiple attachments to individual line items and see previews of these attachments.

Mobile Ready

Forms are responsive and can be used on any device such as a Tablet or smartphone.

Attach & Discuss

Add attachments and preview them, use @mentions to engage people in conversations about particular forms.

Ink Signatures

Add hand written signatures directly onto your form using any touch enabled device or your mouse.

Related lists and Libraries

Collect and perform calculations on individual line items such as expenses, timesheets etc…

External Collaboration

Permit external users (those with no access to your tenant) to submit forms and subsequently edit them using a secure pin.

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