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Use this template to enable users submit timesheets. It contains a layout, workflow and some logic that provides auto setting the date. It also contains a default value that sets the Submitter and their email along with cascading dropdowns linking a Country and City. This is a good example of the use of workflow and Logic.

Employee Ideas

This template can be used to capture ideas from employees including the areas the idea can impact and the implementation plan. It can also be used to flag the best ideas for awards to drive continuous improvement. It has a preconfigured Layout and you can add a Workflow or additional Logic.

Permit to work

This template can be used to manage work permits. It captures all the details of the work to be carried out, the identified hazards, the PPE required and the safety procedures to be followed. It has a preconfigured Layout and you can add Workflow to notify the various interested parties or Logic as you require.

Accident/Incident Reporting

This template can be used to capture various kinds of Accidents / Incidents such as Environmental, Unsafe situations, Near miss, Security, Theft and First aid. It has a preconfigured Layout and can be extended to include Workflow and Logic to notify the EHS department or others of any new items.

Sports & Social Membership

This template can be used to enable employees join a Sports and Social club. It captures all the contact details of the person (including auto setting their name when they create the form). It contains Workflow to send rich email notifications to the submitter as the form is processed and logic to handle mandatory fields.

Training Curriculum Changes

Permit users to submit changes to training curricula for other users. Aside from a customised layout it contains a simple workflow to notify the requestor when the request is received and when it’s completed. These email notifications contain data captured from within the form and can be customised to suit your needs.

Travel Requests

Enable employees to request approval for travel on behalf of their company. It captures all the relevant data including flight details, transfers, accommodation and the details of any additional travelers. It has a built in workflow with rich email notifications to notify the users when their request is approved or rejected.

Time Off Requests

This template can be used to enable employees request time off. It contains a customised layout and a workflow that sends rich email notifications to their manager for approval. Once approved or rejected by the manager the requestor will receive a customised email confirmation.

Purchase Order Request

This template can be used to permit employees request a Purchase Order by specifying one or more line items. It contains a customised layout, default values and calculated fields. It showcases how calculations can be performed both on individual line items and the overall form.