Sintel Forms / Sintel Forms vs PowerApps

We have prepared the following table to assist you in evaluating Sintel Forms against PowerApps.


Note: This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

 PowerAppsSintel Forms
(this one's a no-brainer)

  • PowerApps Plan 1 $7 per user/ month

  • For 100 users that’s $8400 per annum!

  • For 500 Users that’s $42,000 per annum!!

  • PowerApps Plan 2 $40 per user/month

  • For 100 users that’s $48000 per annum!

  • For 500 Users that’s $240,000 per annum!!

  • Free 30-day trial

  • Starter 5 forms/50 users (€1950 per annum or €162.50 per month)

  • Professional 20 forms/100 users (€4950 per annum or €412.50 per month)

  • Enterprise Unlimited forms & unlimited users (contact us)

  • Non-profit & Edu (contact us)

All our paid plans are based on an annual subscription, see whats included.

The clear and unambiguous license model make it very easy to calculate the annual costs. There is simply no other product on the market that can compare to the combined feature set and price of Sintel Forms.
Trial version

Yes 30 days

Yes 30 days

No built-in workflow, PowerApps relies on Microsoft Flow.

Plan 1 comes with 4,500 Microsoft Flow "runs" or automations per user per month.

Plan 2 allots 15,000 Flow runs per month.

Sintel Forms has a built-in workflow engine allowing you to define various statuses a form can be in and the actions that can be taken to transition between these statues with rich email notifications including form data.

You can also use SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Flow if you wish.

Bonus: we support optimistic concurrency, allowing multiple users to edit a form at the same time!
Form/App limit

No limit

Choose a license that provides the number of forms you need.
Design environment

Power Apps Studio for Windows 8 or 10 or Power Apps Studio for Web

Sintel Forms Designer (web based).
Data Sources

Common Data Service
Dynamics 365
Azure DQL

SharePoint lists
(all the data from forms submitted by users is stored in one or more SharePoint lists)
Sublist/line item support

Supports line items in a secondary list.
Line items are added on a separate screen and form has to be saved first.

Supports line items in a secondary list.
Line items are added directly on the form and the form does not need to be saved first.
External usage

PowerApps is not designed for use with external users i.e. not public facing.

Sintel Forms can be used with external users who have been invited to your tenant and Anonymous users (anonymous option only available with the Enterprise License)
Platform Support


All platforms, only a web browser is required.
InfoPath migration complexity

In most cases all InfoPath forms and any associated business process have to be completely redesigned using a combination of Power Apps and an additional tool such as Microsoft Flow.

Most forms can be migrated easily and for environments with many forms SPTransformator from Rencore can be used to automatically convert InfoPath Forms to Sintel Forms. Migration of certain forms can be done in minutes.
Skills required

Simple forms can be built by most users, but more complex forms require specialist or developer knowledge.

Any user that can use SharePoint to create lists and columns within them can use Sintel Forms.

Simply download the app from AppSource and begin using it for free.
Offline Forms

Quite complex to setup and requires custom code.

Available out of the box with our free mobile app.
Anonymous forms

Not available

Available with the Enterprise Licenses

Bonus: we also support the use of captchas when submitting forms.
Deployment scenarios

Moving an App between tenants or environments can be done but it requires quite a bit of effort and is more convoluted than a simple Export/Import.

Any Sintel Form including the lists it uses, its layout, workflow and logic can be exported into a re-usable template that can be imported into another environment. This makes developing solutions on one site and using them on another site very easy.
Feature Updates

Microsoft release features quite often.

Sintel release updates with new features every month. These features are primarily based on customer feedback and requests.
Product Support



Sintel are renowned for their support for both pre-sales and licensed customers. Check out our reviews on AppSource.