Sintel Media Library

Manage your digital assets on SharePoint

  • Store of all your assets within your Office365 tenant
  • Configure tags, watermarks and copyright notices
  • Bulk upload/download and asset tagging
  • Automatic previews of your assets
  • Powerful search
  • Automated EXIF / IPTC & GPS data extraction
  • Enhanced with AI to automatically suggest tags while uploading assets
  • Monitoring and control of asset usage and downloads

Totally free for up to 200 assets

Or 1 single annual license covering unlimited users & assets €9,999

About Sintel Media Library

The Sintel Media Library app is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution built on SharePoint. It allows you to store and manage your digital assets such as photos, audio and video using your existing SharePoint environment. Users can upload/tag single or multiple files simultaneously and can quickly retrieve them later using an intuitive search interface. The app automatically generates thumbnails of the uploaded assets & can also extract metadata such as the EXIF / IPTC and GPS data from photographs.

Store on Office 365

Use your existing Office 365 tenant!

  • Upload single or multiple assets
  • Quickly add tags, watermarks and copyright notices
  • Preview assets

Previews, copyright & watermarks

Preview images apply copyrights and embed watermarks

  • Automatically generate previews of images
  • Apply notices to images
  • Embed watermarks

Powerful Search

Use multiple filters to find what you need.

  • Search using multiple filters
  • Identify assets which you can download
  • Check what assets another user has access to

Manage and control

Centrally manage and configure settings

  • Manage Tags, Watermarks and Copyright messages
  • Control the downloading of assets
  • Manage user access


Extends Standard Features

Built on top of the SharePoint platform and does not require any client side software installation.

Use with new or existing sites

The Sintel Media library app can be added to any SharePoint site in a matter of minutes.

No coding skills required

The app is setup using a wizard and has a simple interface for configuring its settings.

Fully documented online help

All Users have access to our extensive knowledgebase including demo videos and articles.

Totally free for up to 200 assets