How can I pay?

We have made the payment process as easy as possible, please refer to the following instructions.

Accepted Payment Methods:
We accept all global debit, credit cards and PayPal payments:

  • Debit and credit cards   
  • PayPal Personal and Premier
  • PayPal Corporate

We use a secure cloud platform called avangate.com.

If you experience any issue when making your payment, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

My card was not accepted. Why?

One of the reasons for a rejection can be:

  • Insufficient funds – it is necessary to charge your account or to extend current credit limit;
  • The server of the card issuing bank could not be contacted by our payment gateway;
  • Card issuer does not authorize eCommerce transactions – the issuing bank must be contacted and asked to activate this service;

We advise you to always call the toll-free number on the back of your card, in case you`re facing this issue.

How secure is the online transaction?

Payments for our products are processed securely by the avangate.com gateway which ensures you information is kept secure:

They use industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.
They don’t share your financial information with Sintel.ie.
They send you a confirmation email when you make a payment.


When will I receive the ordered product?

Once you place your order for a license of Sintel Forms you should receive an email within a few minutes confirming your order and the license key. You simply need to enter the license key into the activation screen within the Sintel Forms App to activate the license you purchased.

How can I get technical support?

We provide a number of channels for you to get assistance.

Community Site – If you have any questions on our products, you can post questions, provide feedback and request/upvote new features.

Knowledge Base – Provides articles and videos covering everything from installing our apps to customising them.

Submit a ticket – You can submit a ticket in our Help Centre and our team will get right back to you. (Available to licensed users only)

Totally free for up to 2 forms!