​We are a Mic​rosoft certified partner with vast experience in the design and implementation of SharePoint based s​olutions. Our client base spans across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals, medical device and manufacturing to tourism, energy and the public sector.

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Infrastructure and planning

On premises, Cloud or Hybrid the decision on the infrastructure to use is not an easy one and many factors need to be considered. We have the experience to guide you in making the best decision for you.

You may not know which version of SharePoint is a fit for your specific needs and we ca​n outline the features and functionality available in each to help you make the best decision for your business. You may also have ideas about what you need but not sure how best to implement them. We can help with planning an infrastructure that is capable of meeting your needs and scalable to handle your future requirements.​​​

We build on: Microsoft 365 | SharePoint Online | Microsoft Azure | Amazon AWS


If you have a requirement for a custom application or simply want to enhance the out of the box SharePoint functionality we can help you.

We have vast experience in developing solutions including Web Parts, Workflows and custom Features to an individual client’s requirements. These solutions can range from email or records management to CRM systems and business process automation. We can also redesign existing applications so they run on the SharePoint platform which can reduce support costs significantly.​​​​​​

We provide: Wireframes |Interactive Mockups | Skins


Making SharePoint not look like SharePoint is a common requirement among users. Whether it’s a Theme, Master Page, Page Layout or Web Part we can help you design an application that reflects your business and its brand.

We use mockups and graphical aids to tease out what you need rather than bombarding​ you with large documents and pages of text. We can create interactive mockups allowing you to experience the user interface long before it is actually developed leading to significant time reductions moving from design to development.



We can help you support you existing SharePoint environment and applications.

All our consultants are industry certified and have real world experience with implementing SharePoint based solutions in organisations of all sizes. We offer a number of plans to suit all organisations ranging from a number of hours to monthly or annual support agreements. Sintel provides direct access to all our consultants meaning you don’t waste time waiting for your support tickets get escalated up the chain, you get access to the people who can help you! For more information on our support offerings please contact us at ​support@sintel.ie.​​​

Support via: Email | Phone | MS Teams