Sintel Forms

Building SharePoint forms was never so easy

  • Simple and intuitive with downloadable templates
  • No coding skills required
  • Unlimited forms
  • Replace InfoPath, paper & legacy forms
  • Design a form in minutes
  • Save time and money

About Sintel Forms

Sintel Forms is simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to customise SharePoint lists to store your data. It contains a powerful but easy to use forms designer providing a WYSIWYG interface that permits you to configure customised form layouts. The designer also provides a workflow and rules engine giving you the ability to configure complex workflow or logic in a matter of minutes.

Customised Layouts

Create custom branded forms in minutes with NO CODE!

  • Choose from a variety of layouts
  • Related lists
  • Add images and tooltips
  • Show/hide labels
  • Adjust positioning
  • Control State (Optional, Mandatory or Read-Only)
  • Insert HTML

Integrated workflow

Add a workflow and view the progress of any form

  • Design a single or multi-step workflow
  • Incorporate approval tasks for users or groups
  • Configure rich email notifications containing form data
  • Control the status of forms
  • Enable and enforce comments on task completion

Rules and Logic

There are 3 key components within the Logic section.

  • Rules: you can define one or more rules that contain steps.
  • Conditions: these are used to trigger the rules such as the value of a field.
  • Steps: these are the operations that can be performed by the rules such as making a form read-only or executing JavaScript.

Form conversations

Engage relevant users in conversations

  • Reduce workflow delays using comments
  • @mention people for additional information or assistance
  • Immediately notify people via email
  • Eliminate bottlenecks

Manage Attachments

Preview attachments added to your forms

  • Require users to include attachments
  • Attach multiple items
  • Preview them directly in your browser

Ink Signatures

hand written signature fields

Sintel Forms allow you to add hand written signature fields to your form. With this feature you can save a hand-written note created with any touch device or using your mouse.

Responsive Design

Forms that look great on any device

  • Design once and use on all devices
  • Complete forms using your browser
  • Support remote working


Extends Standard Features

Sintel Forms is built on top of the SharePoint platform and does not require any client side software installation.

Use with new or existing lists

Forms can be configured for new or existing SharePoint lists and forms can be configured in a matter of minutes.

No coding skills required

No coding knowledge is required to setup and configure forms. The forms designer provides a WYSIWYG interface.

Fully documented online help

Users of Sintel Forms have access to our extensive knowledgebase including training videos and sample forms.

No credit card required and after 30-days you can continue to use the Lite version of the product indefinitely!