Digital Asset Management

​​The problem​

The client needed to store a number of different types of digital assets including images and videos. While they saw SharePoint as a potential solution to their requirements they were concerned about the performance as they had a considerable amount of content to store and s​ome items were quite large.

​​The S​olution

Sintel developed a solution that not only allowed users staff to store, tag and search for files but also incorporated functionality to externalise files so that they did not take up valuable storage on the database server. Users can upload/tag single files or multiple files simultaneously and can quickly retrieve them later using an intuitive search interface. The system automatically generates thumbnails of the uploaded files and performance of the system is exceptional as the content that is uploaded is externalised. Another key benefit is metadata extraction whereby the EXIF data from photographs is automatically extracted as metadata and is shown on when hovering over an image in the search results.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface​
  • Powerful search with image preview
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Multiple file upload and tagging
  • Data Externalisation, keeping content databases small


  • Single web based store of all assets
  • Fast retrieval of results due to externalised content
  • Administrator controlled tagging taxonomy with multiple levels
  • Configurable Externalisation
  • EXIF data extraction for photographs
  • Role based security


  • Google/Bing maps integration to show location of photographs
  • Video preview
  • Asset exporting


  • SharePoint Server Enterprise
  • External storage (file ​​share)