Meetings and Events App


​​The Problem​

The client had a need for an app that would permit them to manage their internal meetings including agendas, minutes, attendees and actions. The app needed to provide users with quick access to their favourite documents and actions assigned to them from the various meetings that they were involved in. In addition, they also wanted to manage important events and dates within the company in a central location and have some of that information automatically appear on their intranet homepage to highlight it across the company. Their vision was for a central location where employees can quickly see what is happening across the company.

​​The S​olution

Sintel developed a SharePoint web application that enabled the client to manage all their important events in a central location and to publish selected content to the intranet homepage. Employees have easy access to see all events that are scheduled across the company and have quick access to items requiring their attention including meetings they need to attend and actions they have been assigned.

Key Features

  • Colour coded Event Types
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Attendance, Actions and document summaries
  • Favourite documents
  • My Actions
  • Recently added/Recently completed
  • 1 click action completion
  • Export to PDF
  • Selective publishing to Intranet


  • The home screen shows all events colour coded allowing the user to switch from day, week, month and agenda views
  • Users can quickly search for specific events or filter by the Event Type or Site.
  • Event previews show information including the attendance, open actions and number of documents
  • Users can quickly access their favourites files and actions assigned to them across all events
  • Users can search for any files or actions added to the app
  • Events can use predefined checklists such as rolling agenda items for meetings


  • SharePoint 2013 / 2016