The system provides 3 main tabs:

  • My ToDo Shows tasks assigned to the current user.
  • Department ToDo Shows tasks assigned to all users from a selected Department. The system defaults to the current user department and allows selecting a different department.
  • Site ToDo Shows tasks assigned to all users from a selected Site or office location. The system defaults to the current user site and allows selecting a different site.

To Do List System


The purpose of the ToDo list system is to aggregate all tasks or items assigned to users from various systems onto a single web based application. It removes the need for users to login to multiple applications to see what items are awaiting their attention.

It also allows managers to see the workload of all their direct reports and for companies that have multiple offices or locations to see overall status across multiple systems.

The solution

The system permits the setup of multiple data sources that can query various external systems and display data from them. Almost any system can be integrated and examples could include SAP, PEMAC, Trackwise, Enviromanager, ComplianceWire, Workday, Maximo and of course SharePoint.

Once an external system is setup its data will appear in the ToDo list and users will be able to use the ToDo list on a daily basis to manage their workload. A web part can be placed on the homepage of your intranet which displays items awaiting your attention from various systems.

Key Features

  • Present actions items from multiple sources on a single screen
  • Configurable criteria to highlight items as due/overdue/upcoming​​
  • Provides managers with oversight on their employees workload
  • Tiled web part for use on Intranet homepage to show an employees items
  • Easy to add new systems


  • Single application providing information from numerous sources
  • Integration with existing Line Of Business applications
  • Single dashboard eliminates the need to open multiple systems
  • Helps engage your employees to use the intranet on a daily basis
  • Provides quick and detailed information for managers on the workload of their employees


  • SharePoint 2007 or later
  • SQL/Azure Database