Accounts Payable System

​​The S​olution

The client’s accounts payable department like those in many companies had difficulties relating to the management of incoming invoices. These difficulties were primarily around getting invoices reviewed and approved in an efficient manner and being able to track the status of an invoice throughout the approval process. Considerable manual work was involved in following up on outstanding invoices leading to delay with payments. In addition to these issues it was difficult to report on the time required to review and approve invoices.​​​​

​​The problem​

Sintel developed a solution that not only allowed the staff in the accounts payable department to scan invoices directly into SharePoint but also automated the review and approval process of invoices by integrating with the ex​isting AS400 system. Once invoices are scanned into the system fields from the invoice such as the PO number are used to query the AS400 system for the PO related information. With this information a customisable workflow routes the invoice to the correct person for approval and subsequent payment. Once invoices are approved and paid they are moved into an archive where they remain searchable for users of the system.​


  • Physical to electronic invoice conversion (imaging Software
  • Seamless LO​B application integration (AS 400)
  • Workflow to provide automated invoice routing and approval
  • Easy to use dashboard highlighting invoice status
  • Detailed reporting
  • Email integration (notifications for review and approval sent to relevant person)


  • The design of this solution means that it can be configured to Integrate with virtually any accounting system via the Business Data Catalog
  • Alerting of overdue invoices and invoices awaiting approval
  • Data export for further analysis​

Key Features

  • Physical to electronic invoice conversion​​
  • Seamless LO​B application integration
  • Workflow provides automated invoice routing and approval
  • Dashboard highlighting invoice status
  • ​Automated email notifications for review and approval


  • SharePoint Server Enterprise
  • SQL Server Reporting Services