Medical Booking System

The Problem

The client needed a system to centrally manage the medicals for all employees to ensure each employee attended a regular medical. They also need to report on employees whose medicals were coming up and those for whom a medical was due.​​​​

​​The S​olution

Sintel developed a system that allowed the medical staff to create slots for medicals and health campaigns and which allowed employees to book their medical. The system provided employees with an intuitive interface that allowed them to browse through the available slots and book a slot that suited them. Employees are actively encouraged to book their own medicals with a recurring reminder a number of weeks before their medical is due. Email notifications were also used to confirm the booking and optionally require manager approval for the booking.


Employees can:

  • Book a medical from a list of available slots
  • View and edit their bookings

Medical staff can:

  • Create slots in bulk
  • Book/Un-Book Users
  • Confirm Attendance & Mark as Absent
  • Update employees Medical Frequency for individual employees
  • Run reports on employees medical status

Other benefits:

  • Single system for managing medicals and health campaigns
  • Web based access 24×7
  • No additional software required (browser such as Internet Explorer and an email client such as Microsoft Outlook)
  • Exportable Data


  • Health profiles – data from medicals and visits to nurses/doctors can be logged to build up a health profile for each user
  • Allow nurses cancel medicals and send cancellation message
  • Allow nurses issue reminders
  • Incorporate other calendars such as those of doctors or physiotherapists
  • Allow the entering of comments on medical completion for future reference in the users medical profile

Key Features

  • Role based Security
  • Minimal training required
  • Calendar displaying all available medicals and health campaigns
  • ​Colour coded slots
  • Email confirmations and reminders
  • Linked to existing systems for employee data
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Reports on monthly attendance and upcoming/overdue medicals


  • SharePoint Server Enterprise
  • SQL Server Reporting Services